Our comprehensive range of energy controls for electricity, gas, and water enable us to lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Morgan Hope revolutionary electric radiant panel heaters.

For energy efficient localised, low wattage heating.

At last, a safe, effective and low energy alternative for ambient lighting. LED downlighter lamps provide decorative interior lighting at a fraction of the cost of standard low voltage MR16 dichroic lamps. Compatible with most spring or twist and lock fittings, LED Lights provide a reliable, low maintenance and safe solution.

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Lighting Energy Heating Enquire Now.

Available in a variety of colours to suit your needs

Unique Ultra Slim Construction

Extremely Low Running Cost

Available in 10 Sizes

Panels available as standard white with an optional range of colours.

Conforms to BS3456.

Surface resistant to water, chlorine solution, frost, insects, vermin and mould growth.

Easily Fitted Almost Anywhere:



Counters & Checkouts.




Church Pews.

Ideal for Kennels and Catteries.

Anywhere in the Home.

Servitherm Panel Heaters are designed to provide energy efficient localised heating.