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  • Model Wattage Lumens Size
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-25 25W 2875 lm 184mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-35 35W 4025 lm 184mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-50 50W 5750 lm 184mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-54 54W 6210 lm 184mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-60 60W 6900 lm 184mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-80 80W 9200 lm 240mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-100 100W 11,500 lm 240mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-120 120W 13,800 lm 240mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-150 150W 17,250 lm 323mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-200 200W 23,000 lm 323mm
  • ASTRID CORNLAMP-HP-240 240W 27,600 lm 323mm
About this product
  • For industrial applications in: Supermarkets, Warehouses, Street lights, Garden Lighting, Bollards, Flood Lighting, Leisure Centres, Restaurants & Pubs
  • LED with low energy consumption and low thermal output
  • Internal coolant fan to enhance heat dissipation
  • Available from 25W to 240W

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